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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

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The MINDstretch Methodology

Our Modus Operandi for Leveling-Up Businesses

The MINDstretch Methodology

While business may be simple, it’s certainly not easy. If it were, every entrepreneur would have the business of their dreams.

After logging well over 10,000 hours coaching some of the best and brightest business owners, we believe we have cracked the code… the code to creating a business that properly fits it’s owner(s). One that serves them.

Our proprietary and proven methodology is based on those experiences… the lessons learned so to speak.

We call it The MINDstretch Methodology… it’s what we base all of our business coaching programs upon.

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Who We Are

The Dean Mercado Company, led by Master Business Coach Dean Mercado helps growth-minded entrepreneurs step into their power to create a business that works for them.

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In this purposely concise, and to the point book, master business coach Dean Mercado and his co-author Barry Laub explore 7 essential disciplines for business growth (Envision, Believe, Plan, Lead, Communicate, Market, and Sell).

This is a must-have guidebook for any small business owner looking to maximize themselves and their respective business.



The Dean Mercado Company helps growth-minded entrepreneurs optimize and scale their business.


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2023 Strategic Planner 3D Cover

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