Overwhelmed by our “always on”, interconnected digital world? It may be time for a digital detox! In this video learn 3 steps to reduce the clutter of everyday business and life thus making you more productive when it counts!

Face it folks, we live in an extremely overwhelming and interconnected world right now. Our phones, cellphone, tablets, laptops, our desktops… all seem to be going on at all times around us. 

It’s crazy!

It’s chaotic!

That’s the world we live in. 

So the key is finding balance in your life. Finding that space to be able to do a digital detox and get grounded again.

Some people do it through exercise, some through being ‘one’ or getting out into nature.  Whatever it is that works for, that digital detox is critically important to staying grounded and not getting that overwhelmed feeling. It’s not a good feeling. You know what I’m talking about. 

Especially with things like social media these days. Oh my goodness, the information just doesn’t shut down. That’s where we need to take control. We need to lead and to shut it down once in a while. That’s what I mean when I say a digital detox.  

So here are three steps you can take:

STEP 1: Get Remote

Digital Detox - Get Remote

Get out of your element. Get out of your space. Get away from where people are going to hunt you down.

It’s like when “we’ve got a fire going on and we need your help!”  “we need you involved”. You have to get some space where you can have some “me” time. It doesn’t mean that you have to get on a plane and fly to a remote island, but if that’s what you need to do, then that’s what you need to do.  

Or you can do what I do. One of the things that I do is very early in the morning before the kids and the wife gets up, I spend some time out in the yard. Especially when there is warm weather. I will go outside, grab a seat and I’ll just sit where I don’t really hear anything other than the lake behind me and white noise from the fountain as they turn on early in the morning… the birds chirping… the breeze blowing.

Get remote! Find that space for yourself.

STEP 2: Get Quiet

Digital Detox - Get Quiet

The second key or the second step that I want you to take is to get quiet.  

That means don’t lug your cell phone with you. Don’t check your email. Don’t text anyone at that point in time. Get quiet! Don’t listen to music… listening to the birds chirping that’s different. Nature is fine. 

The key is get quiet.  So you’re remote now and your quiet now.

STEP 3: Just "Be"

Digital Detox - Just Be

The third step is just be!  Just Be!

Let your mind wander, listen to the birds chirping if that’s where you are.  If you choose to have your digital detox time while you’re out there jogging or walking or running, wonderful.  I do that all the time. I’ll get quiet and I’ll just go for a morning walk/jog.

It’s perfect “me” time.

Final Thoughts on Digital Detox

Let’s sum up those steps for you:

The 3-Step Digital Detox
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