If You Ready To Achieve New Heights With Your Small Business, It Is Time For You To Meet Dean!

Dean Mercado, Founder and CEO of Online Marketing Muscle® and #1 Best Selling Author of “The MindStretch: 49 Inspiring Insights For Business Breakthroughs” is a spirited entrepreneur at heart and loves the fact that he controls his own destiny!

Throughout Dean’s professional career, spanning across 4 decades, he has served in a multitude of roles — all seeming to revolve around two of his passions, marketing & technology.

He lives, loves, and breathes this stuff so it seemed a natural fit to delve into the online marketing arena.

Through small business coaching & marketing automation services with Online Marketing Muscle®Dean Mercado has helped numerous business owners around the globe level up.

Dean’s business building creativity and practical, yet cutting-edge marketing tactics have given many small businesses a fighting chance for survival.

“The business world is rapidly changing,” says Dean. “It’s becoming more global and largely because of technology, it has become a more level playing field where small businesses can have the reach and competitiveness that was once only afforded to larger companies. Our company vision is to bring technology and marketing expertise to the small business community thus, helping them leverage cutting edge marketing tactics and strategies to succeed in today’s economy and reach their targeted business goals.”

Dean Mercado has been quoted for his expertise in several reputable publications including Inc. Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and Crain’s Business News.

He is the consummate student. In addition to his college undergraduate and graduate degrees, he firmly believes in continual, daily education. So much so that in recent years, he has secured the mentoring of such superstars as Robert G. Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Loral Langemeier, and others to further enhance his ability to produce results.

Dean resides with his lovely wife Andrea and two fabulous kids on Long Island, New York.

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