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A Bit About Dean

Best Selling Author, Small Business Coach, Keynote Speaker & Entrepreneur

The Writer.

Over the years, Dean has published hundreds of articles in the vein of small business growth and success.

Most impactfully though, Dean has co-authored a #1 bestselling book titled The MindStretch.

The Coach.

To date, Dean has logged well over 10,000 hours assisting small business owners around the globe level up.

Leveraging his proven Clone the Owner® framework and a results-driven mindset helps small businesses transform and get shit done!

The Speaker.

From more intimate private seminars to big stages, Dean has touched, moved and inspired small business audiences in a variety of industries.

He was podcasting before podcasting was even a word... seriously!

The Leader.

Dean is the Founder and CEO of both Online Marketing Muscle® (digital marketing agency) and The Dean Mercado Company (small business coaching).

As a well-respected business leader, Dean has influenced many a small business owner!

If You Ready To Achieve New Heights With Your Small Business, It Is Time For You To Meet Dean Mercado!


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The Dean Mercado Company helps Small Business Owners optimize and scale their business.


150 Motor Pkwy, Suite 401
Hauppauge, NY 11788
☏ 631-333-7436

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