The MindStretch Book

The MindStretch Book


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The Quality of Your Business and Life Depend on It
In this book, Laub and Mercado explore 7 essential disciplines for business (Envision, Believe, Plan, Lead, Communicate, Market, and Sell) providing 7 insights for each. The authors also provide a system called the “Power of SEVEN” as a stimulus to assist the reader in drawing the most value out of each insight. The intent is to take the reader deep… expanding the confines of traditional thinking… into a state of awareness which the authors call… “The Mindstretch”!
This book is intended to help you focus on purpose and objective. If you keep this in mind throughout, you will gain many treasures as they unfold. It is a way of cleansing and intending in order to manifest what you desire.
While the disciplines are designed for business enhancement, each insight will apply to some aspect of your business and personal life.

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