PRIVATE COACHING for Small Business Owners

Personal Attention • Customized Advice • Faster Results

Let's Get Charged Up To Level Up!

STEP 1: The "Application"

Tell us a little bit about you, your business and why you are interested in Private Coaching. Yes, we read and respond to every application.

STEP 2: The "Conversation"

We’ll contact you to schedule what we call "Discovery Session" to further determine whether or not we are a proper fit for one another.

STEP 3: The "Agreement"

We’ll present you with a simple, no-nonsense agreement that spells out the details of our simple arrangement.

DREAM Wellness

“If you are looking for a business coach who can hold you accountable to fulfilling the objectives you are setting for your company in the years to come, Online Marketing Muscle is definitely a company you want to look forward to!”

Dr. Gregg Baron, Co-Founder


Most frequent questions and answers
Our Private Coaching programs start at $2,000 USD per month.
No, however, we highly recommend at least a 3-month commitment. Why? That seems to be a sweet spot for many Clients getting into a better rhythm bearing better fruits.

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer here. It all depends on what exactly you want and how badly you want what we are working on done.

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