After a powerful and productive week of coaching small business owners, I once again noticed a critical common thread. There  was a clear reason why these respective businesses were struggling with leveling up.

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea)… a pen and paper… tune into the video that follows and learn the #1 impediment to leveling up your small business.

For the last 15 years or so I’ve been working with small business owners from around the world helping them to level up their respective businesses.

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed after spending well more than 10,000 hours coaching some of these small business owners and just talking to them. A lot of their success hinges on one specific thing.

I’m going to dive into a mindset concept called being unstoppable. The conversation and the concept of being unstoppable no matter what.

Small business can be a very scary place and a very lonely place. And it’s one of those places where things like fear have an easy time creeping in and becoming part of your agenda whether you want it there or not. Our constant ability to fend that off and fight that off is critical. So let’s talk about being unstoppable.

Let me start off by explaining a little bit about my day today. My day started off like this. I’ve been slacking, and I’m admitting it to all of you out there. I’ve been slacking on when it comes to hitting the gym the last week and a half or two weeks and I’m starting to feel the physical symptoms. And I don’t like it!

Those of you who hit the gym and agonize over getting out of bed and getting to that gym the first thing in the morning you know what I’m talking about!

So I get up and say I’m getting back to it today and get dressed, go outside. I have a new car and I go out into the driveway and notice that my tire is flat. A very simple thing like a flat tire stops many of us. I guess I won’t work out today. So then I think about that concept practice what you preach.

Be unstoppable!

What would you do with your unstoppable mindset?

We push through it. I start looking at my options, what do I need to do here? I could walk to the gym. I could sit there and change the tire myself real quick. Mind you I have a full boat of clients to talk with during the day, appointments, all of that stuff. So the tire needs to get fixed. It’s just a matter of what has to happen right?

Long story short, I decided to stop and take a minute to think about it. You know what, the new car has this assist button that I can press and have someone come and change the tire. They’ll come and change the tire in my driveway and that’s fine. 

So I called and have them come fix the tire and I walk to the gym. Instead of hitting the treadmill at the gym I just walked to the gym and counted it as part of my workout. That was just a little example of living the idea of being unstoppable.

You just need to push through. It’s these little victories that make all the difference in how we feel in our mind and how we approach the rest of our day. Especially as small business owners because there is always something or someone dumping on you. Trying to unload their junk on you. Trying to make their problem your problem. 

If we had really thin skin as small business owners we would be in trouble. You can’t! You have to have thick skin as a small business owner or else you are doomed.

When we talk about being unstoppable, the example I just shared with you is just a very rudimentary example, but the thing is that those kind of things are popping up five, ten, twenty, fifty times a day! Those little victories have to happen and if they don’t what you are doing is you are defeating your mind. And the weaker the mind gets the harder it is for you to push through anything that you want to do.

Today we are touching on mindset because as I talk to small business owners that seems to be the biggest piece that stops them from getting whatever it is that they want. 

For the most part most of those small business owners have no idea what they want. And that is problem number one. If you don’t know what you want, if you don’t have your own plan, you tend to work someone else’s plan.  Setting forth in motion your own plan based on what it is that you want will make it much easier to be unstoppable.

If I know that I want to accomplish this, whatever “this” is, if I’m crystal clear on where it is and all the details about “this,” it makes it much easier for me to begin with the end in mind. And then start planning my attack plan going forward by working my way backward versus just allowing myself to get stopped by every single obstacle that comes in my way.

Those obstacles will come in your way. It could come in the way of your phone ringing at the wrong time. You feel like you have to answer it even though you know it’s not something you really need to answer at that moment.

The Key

The key is being unstoppable in the face of fear because that’s what this is all driven by. It’s driven by fear. You’re thinking if I don’t pick up that phone call I might miss what they are going to say. If I don’t do this, this is going to happen. And we can let our mind go crazy with that concept or not.

When we know what we want and we focus on what we want and we build a plan and a strategy to get what we want it certainly makes it easier to push away or turn back those things that don’t serve us. Some of you I’m sure have bumped into that one.

Some of the things that I would also start thinking through is what is your contingency plan

For me, coming back to that story from earlier, I didn’t panic and part of the reason I didn’t panic was because part of my contingency plan is all in place. I have a home office that is fully built out that mimics my corporate office. I have all the things that I need here, but I have almost the same setup in my home so if I had to work out of my house, worst case scenario, I could. 

By thinking that through in advance, you avoid problems. Especially when you’re a dad.  You’ve got kids and real life gets in the way. You have to have that ability to have a contingency plan that says if “this” type of scenario shows up I can go with “this”.  That comes from my IT background when I was doing a lot of disaster recovery planning for corporations around the world. 

When you start thinking about what if all of a sudden one day you have 1,000 employees and the government comes and puts chains on your doors that day. No one can work, what’s the game plan? Those are the kind of scenarios we had to deal with in the IT world when building out disaster recovery plans. 

As a small business owner of course you don’t have to have those robust plans like we did with a $500 million company, but it does make sense to just put a little bit of thought into those “what if “ scenarios and build out some contingency plans.

I didn’t let the flat tire stop me from going to the gym today. As a matter of fact as soon as I started my walk toward the gym I said to my wife, I will not let myself to be stopped. I needed to get my chubby ass, excuse my language, go the gym and work it off! 

I share this with all of you because I want you to know no matter how seasoned you are, no matter how long you’ve been in business, that this applies to your personal as well.

When I coach I call them rocks. So no matter what the rocks are realize you can step around the rock!  You don’t have to keep bumping straight on into that rock, do you?

If you do, we need to talk! It may not be something i can help you with, but we can start a conversation. The bottom line is realizing that the universe is always going to throw up obstacles.  It’s going to always challenge you no matter what. It just does. And when the universe isn’t doing it someone else is!

So, again, the bottom line here is know what you want.  Put together that strategy and that plan. Be unstoppable in your pursuit. Don’t allow fear to creep in. And remember it’s those little victories that make all the difference. They may seem insignificant but when you start training your brain to be OK with not succeeding, with failing, or with allowing yourself to be stopped so easily, it starts to act like a cancer eating away at your ability to really do what needs to be done. You have to push through that.

One last thing

Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control. I’m sure you get me on that one. If we can’t control it, why sit there and worry about it? What’s it going to do? What’s the worrying going to do for us? Again, you have to know what you want, you have to create that strategy and game plan because the failure to have one means you’re going to be working someone else’s game plan or s someone else’s agenda. As a small business owner that will crush you. You don’t want to be there.

You want that unstoppable, insatiable pursuit of whatever it is that you want. It’s like putting the goggles on and being able to see clearly what it is you want and go for it. And as your being unstoppable you are pushing through the fear, you’re not worried about things that are out of your control. 

If this resonated with you, let me know. This is part of me being unstoppable today! I did have a guest scheduled but the guest had something suddenly come up… a little Brady Bunch-ism there for you. But here I am!

Be unstoppable folks!

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