Identifying Your Networking Power Partners

Networking Power Partners QuestionsGo deep, not broad I always say… in terms of your networking that is!

A small handful of key contacts that have your best interest at heart will always prove to be more valuable than large quantities of vague acquaintances.

These are your Networking Power Partners!

These are the fewer, better networking contacts that truly deserve your best.

The trick lies in both identifying the few that are worth their salt and then nurturing the heck out of them.

So, how do you identify your Networking Power Partners?  Well that’s simple.  Here are 3 key questions to get the process started:

➊ Do You Like Each Other?​

This one may seem like one of those ‘duh’ moments. 

Regardless, life is simply too short to spend time with people you don’t like. Financial opportunities are everywhere and can be replaced… your time cannot! Therefore, choose wisely!

➋ Can You Help Each Other?​

You’ve determined that you like each other. Now the big question is whether or not you can truly help one another. Will it be easy to help each other? Will it be lucrative to help each other? Will it be fun to help each other?

If your answer to those is a resounding ‘YES’ then by all means move to the final question. 

➌ Are You Willing To Play Full-out Together?

Wherever you are thinking of playing, either be willing to play full-out or don’t play at all. Don’t just play lip service to a novel small business strategy. You’ll just be wasting your time and even worse, your Networking Power Partner’s time… that certainly won’t endear you to anyone.

So bottom line… choose carefully here as it must be worth your time and effort!

Yes, there may be more factors to consider than the preceding three, however like I said earlier, these will get you started. 

So now that you’ve identified your Networking Power Partners, how do you go about showing them some LOVE?

Well here are 3 ways to do just that:

Nurturing Your Networking Power Partners

➊ Lend an ear whenever possible

When networking there is simply no sign of greater respect… and how can you help them if you’re not listening to them?

What do they want?

What do they need?

Listen not to just hear, but with the intent to understand.

Don’t be judgmental… unless of course they have asked that of you. Sometimes people just need to talk things through.

Be willing to be a sounding board for them!

➋ Help them raise their game

So long as you have their permission…

Hold them accountable for getting done things the said they would.

Share pertinent news and other educational content in your networking.

Introduce them to key contacts that you feel they should know.

And as things come across your plate, think of them… can they benefit in any way?

➌ Help get them business

Now this is typically the most sought after attribute of a “Power Partner”

Because everybody can use a little boost to their bottom line.

In Summary...

How To Identify and Nurture Your Networking Power Partners
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    In Closing...

    Yes it is true… Business is all about relationships because nothing happens in business without peopleWhy not tool yourself up with some of the best people you can find and go for it!

    Give your Networking Power Partners what they want and need and most likely they will respond in kind.

    If for some reason they don’t… it may be time to reevaluate and possibly trade them up for others who are ready to play the level game you are!

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