I’m a very fortunate guy! Over the last few decades, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of assisting dozens and dozens of growth-minded entrepreneurs worldwide step into their power.

For most, that power wasn’t easy to come by.

First, they had to work hard for it.

Then, they had to get clear deep inside on exactly what they wanted and why—both for themselves and their respective business(es).

These very smart business owners had to have a clear company vision. And it wasn’t until they did that their business began to take off.

One HUGE lesson learned from delivering all of those business coaching experiences… every small business needs to have a well-defined and communicated Company Vision… period!

What follows are ten powerful famous vision quotes from some of the greatest minds our world has offered up so far, and I’d like to share them with you to inspire you to lift your game.

Here goes:

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    ❶ A Simple Definition To Help You Choose Your Vision

    Vision is a destination – a fixed point to which we focus all effort.

    Entrepreneurship is a game of choices. It starts with the choice to be an entrepreneur in the first place. But it doesn’t stop there. Every decision made on the journey is just as crucial as the one before it. And none may be more crucial than the choice of your own vision.

    Because, as Simon Sinek states, the vision is the destination. It is the specific point, on which all your efforts are focused—at least, they should be focused there.

    So, where do you want to take your business?

    What is your fixed point?

    A Simple Method For Choosing Your Vision
    A Simple Method For Choosing Your Vision

    Remember, it is a choice—Your choice. And be careful here. In the words of one of my heroes, the late, great Neil Peart of the band Rush, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

    So, choose your destination wisely.

    The alternative—in the absence of successful leadership, you open the doors for others to operate from their limitations and agendas. Don’t let the inmates run the asylum, so to speak.

    ❷ Your Company Vision Is Your North Star

    Ones vision is not a road map but a compass.

    A company vision is what sets your business apart. It’s the very essence that drives your team to success. But have you ever thought of that vision as a compass?

    According to Peter Block, it’s not simply just a picture or a road map, but a tool to point you in the right direction. And let’s be real, as an entrepreneur, you’re navigating some pretty choppy waters. The winds of change can shift at a moment’s notice, and you need to be ready to pivot at any time.

    Boy, oh boy, did the recent pandemic drive that notion home or what?!

    Your Company Vision Is Your North Star
    Your Company Vision Is Your North Star

    That’s where your creative vision comes in handy. It’s your North Star, guiding you through the uncertain territory and helping you stay focused on where you want to go.

    So, the next time you feel lost on your entrepreneurial journey, remember that your business vision is more than just a catchy phrase on a website. It’s a compass that can steer you and your team toward greatness.

    ❸ Your Company Vision Guides Your Path To Success

    If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

    Ever notice how when you get clear as to what you want and why you want it, the right things tend to unfold perfectly in front of you?

    Empower the stars to align in your favor. Help the universe (and others around you) to help you!

    As a growth-minded entrepreneur, setting your company up to win requires more than just hard work and determination. You need definite plans and a clear destination in mind.

    Seneca the Younger’s quote, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable,” reminds us of the importance of having a clear vision of where we want to go with our business.

    Your Company Vision Guides Your Path To Success
    Your Company Vision Guides Your Path To Success

    Without a destination in mind, we may find ourselves constantly bobbing around aimlessly, dealing with whatever the winds may bring us. But when we set a clear course and take intentional steps toward our destination, we create a powerful sense of momentum that can propel us forward and attract the right people, resources, and opportunities to help us succeed.

    So, take some time to reflect on your goals and anchor your vision firmly in your mind. The favorable wind of success is waiting to propel you toward your dreams.

    ❹ Think BIG... Make Your Company Vision Bigger Than You

    The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

    It’s probably safe to say that people likely won’t rally around you, let alone go over and above on your behalf, if doing so is solely to make you rich. Sorry to say, but that’s not an inspiring vision for anyone. Deep down, probably not even for you.

    Your company vision must be bigger than you! People want to be part of something big—something bigger than themselves—a movement that inspires them into action and inspires them to be their better selves. To raise people’s aspirations you need to reach something deep inside them.

    Running your business as a member of the “me too” movement certainly won’t attract the best this world has to offer you.

    Think BIG... Make Your Company Vision Bigger Than You
    Think BIG... Make Your Company Vision Bigger Than You

    So my suggestion—think BIGmake your vision BIG—make it exciting. Make it one that others want to be part of. 

    A big vision makes you magnetic; It exponentially increases your chances of owning your market. It is your highest grandest vision.

    ❺ Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

    Vision without execution is hallucination.

    As a business coach, I often come across clients who have big dreams and grand visions of what they want their business to be. And while having a clear vision is important, it’s just the first step toward success.

    As Edison famously said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” In other words, having a great vision without taking any action to make it a reality is just wishful thinking. The law of attraction might bring opportunities your way, but if you don’t take massive action to capitalize on them, they will slip through your fingers.

    Nothing Happens Until Something Moves
    Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

    So, let’s stop hallucinating and start taking action toward our goals. It’s time to put in the hard work and make our dreams a reality. Remember, success isn’t just handed to us; it’s earned through dedicated effort and perseverance—nothing happens until something moves!

    ❻ The Importance Of a Positive Vision To Your Team

    People only see what they are prepared to see.

    After logging well over ten thousand hours coaching small business owners, this one pains me greatly.

    Why? Because it affects not only the company’s ability to level up but each team member’s ability to evolve. And then we wonder why they are seemingly underachieving. Ooh—that one may sting a little.

    The Importance Of a Positive Vision To Your Team
    Help your team help you... Provide Vision

    Help them to help you better!


    By providing a clear and distinct company vision that they both understand and buy into.

    Additionally, make it clear how they fit into the big picture; this motivates and inspires! The better they do, the better your company does.

    ❼ Leverage The Natural Law of Attraction

    Pain pushes until vision pulls.

    Michael Beckwith once said, “Pain pushes until vision pulls,” and how true that is!

    Pain, whether physical, emotional, or mental, is an uncomfortable feeling that we all strive to avoid. But, when we have a glorious vision that pulls us forward, pain becomes a challenge that drives us toward our goals, rather than an obstacle or hindrance.

    The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. Our thoughts shape our reality and if we focus on our best vision, the universe will conspire to help us achieve it.

    Leverage The Natural Law Of Attraction
    Focus on your vision and allow the Law of Attraction to conspire with you!

    It all starts with clarity and focus, and when these elements come together, we find that everything we need to make our grandest vision a reality appears at just the right time. The only limits that exist are the ones in your mind.

    So, the next time you feel pain pushing you back, remember that it’s a sign that your vision is just out of reach, and use that discomfort as fuel to get you where you want to be.

    ❽ Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

    Looking up gives light, although at first it makes you dizzy.

    Do you ever feel like your dreams are too big to achieve? Do you dream lofty dreams?

    Or maybe you’re not quite sure what your dreams even are yet?

    It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

    But, the truth is, standing still and playing it safe will only lead to a life of mediocrity. That’s where Rumi’s quote comes in: “Looking up gives light, although at first, it makes you dizzy.”

    Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
    Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

    When you start to dream, to imagine what could be, it’s like looking up at the sun. It can be overwhelming at first, even dizzying. But, if you keep pushing through the fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty, eventually, the dark things dissipate and the light will shine through to illuminate your path forward.

    So, don’t let fear hold you back from your potential prosperous future. Embrace the dizziness, feel the fear, and do it anyway. The view from the top will be worth itbe unstoppable!

    ❾ Squandering Vision Is A Sin

    The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

    Helen Keller’s quote, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision,” rings true not just for individuals, but also for organizations of all sizes.

    In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, having a clear vision is crucial for success. Without a vision, even the most skilled and talented individuals or companies can end up meandering aimlessly, ultimately wasting their potential.

    Don't waste your ability to see. Create and communicate a compelling vision!
    Don't waste your ability to see. Create and communicate a compelling vision!

    A vision is more than just a goal, it’s a guiding force that inspires and motivates toward a greater purpose.

    So, whether you’re leading a team or running your business as a solopreneur, don’t squander your ability to seetake the time to develop and articulate a compelling vision. Because, in the end, the only worse thing than being blind is not having the vision to see your true potential.

    ❿ Clarity From The Greatest Story Ever Told

    Where there is no vision, the people perish.

    When it comes to the success of a business, having a clear and great vision is crucial. And as the Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

    This is especially true in the absence of strong leadership. Good business leaders create the best vision for their team.

    Clarity breeds targeted focus.
    Clarity breeds targeted focus.

    Without a clear direction, teams (including business owners) can easily become lost or distracted, ultimately causing the business to suffer. But by providing a vision and direction for the company, the team can stay on track and work toward a common goal.

    Taking the time to develop a great vision can make all the difference in the world, and can ultimately lead to the success and growth of the business. After all, having a clear vision is not just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity to keep your dreams alive.

    Company Vision: What Is It And Why You Need One

    Final Thoughts: Company Vision Quotes

    Pretty cool stuff here, hah?!

    Do you resonate with any of these quotes on company vision? Does any of my commentary light you up or create a tremendous feeling of inspiration? Or does it piss you off?

    Either way, GOOD, we’re stirring emotions! Emotions (especially passion) are a conduit to action!

    A 5-Step Process to leverage vision quotes to level up your business (and Yourself).
    A 5-Step Process to leverage vision quotes to level up your business (and Yourself).

    So in closing, I have a little homework assignment for you. Pick the quote that resonated with (or scared) you the most. Grab a pen and paper. Go somewhere quiet where you can focus. Now ponder the quote. Take as long as you need—I recommend 10 minutes or so.

    Understand the quote. Dissect it. Think of ways to apply it.

    When done, jot down the one thing you will do in the next 15 minutes to implement your thoughts.

    There is gold here. Go for it!

    If you feel so inclined, I love to hear from you. Let me know what transpired for you.

    Here’s to your success!

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