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    Are You Tolerating Energy Vampires?

    Yes, it’s unfortunate, however energy vampires exist all around you; constantly draining you of the precious energy you need to be your best. These so called energy vampires can show up in a whole variety of forms people, places, things, circumstances, experiences, etc. I call them tolerations.

    Bottom line… tolerations hold you back. They stunt your growth. And your small business can only grow to the level you do!

    Together, let’s clear your path by eliminating tolerations and discover what’s possible.

    A Simple 6-step System To Eliminate Tolerations

    The following is a simple 6-step system for effectively dealing with those tolerations in your business and life.

    1. Acknowledge There's A Problem

    First and foremost you need to come to terms with the fact that you are harboring tolerations. We all do. And these tolerations can have a drastic impact on your ability to be your best.

    2. Identify Tolerations

    Take 10 minutes maximum and brainstorm as many people, places, things, circumstances, or experiences that just aren’t serving you. These are the stuff in your life that you are putting up with… they are tolerations.

    Dig deep.

    Think about all the areas of your life such as Health & Appearance, Spiritual & Religious, Free Time, Career, Personal Development, Relationships, Community & Charity, and Financial & Wealth.

    What are you tolerating that is cluttering up your mind and potentially holding you back from achieving your true potential?

    Some examples of “tolerations” are:

    3. Evaluate Tolerations

    The purpose of this step is to properly evaluate each toleration individually and decide what to do about it. Luckily, there are only 3 courses of action to choose from. You can either:

    1. “Accept” the toleration,
    2. “Mitigate” the toleration, or
    3. “Eliminate” the toleration.

    There is no wrong choice here so long as whatever you choose is for the right reason, doesn’t hurt anyone (including you), and serves your greater good.

    Let’s define each course of action.

    Accepting Tolerations

    Accepting a toleration means that you will continue to allow it to continue unhampered.

    Mitigating Tolerations

    Mitigating a toleration means that you will take some strides to lessen the impact of it, but not remove it completely.

    Eliminating Tolerations

    Eliminating a toleration means that you will do just that remove it completely.

    4. Prioritize Tolerations

    Okay, so by now you have chosen a course of action for each toleration.

    For those that you have chosen to accept, acknowledge those choices once agian and move those over to the proverbial parking lot. No further action is needed right now. Just be clear that you have made a choice here.

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Neal Peart, Musician and Author (1952 - 2020) Tweet

    As for the remaining tolerations (those slated to either mitigate or eliminate), prioritize them based upon:

    • Impact
    • Ease
    Tolerations Matrix
    Tolerations Matrix

    To accomplish this, take your list of tolerations and drop each of them into one of the 4 buckets of the Tolerations Matrix. For example, if the toleration is both High Impact and Easy To Solve, place it in Quadrant 1. If it is neither, place it in Quadrant 4.

    The intent here is that Tolerations should be handled in quadrant order… numerical order… starting with Quadrant 1.

    The 5-Minute Rule

    There is one scenario where it’s okay and many times recommended to momentarily not follow the Tolerations Matrix. That is when a specific toleration can be fully and properly handled in 5 minutes or less. No formal plan is needed. Just nail it and get it out of the way!

    Otherwise, following the Tolerations Matrix is best.

    5. Plan Your Work

    Take the highest priority toleration and list out the steps needed to either mitigate or eliminate that toleration. Be sure to at least include for each step when that step is due to be completed and who will hold you accountable to complete it.

    6. Work Your Plan

    Diligently and methodically work your plan to ease the burder of your tolerations one-by-one!


    Tolerations Template


    Reflect Your Way To Success

    In Summary...

    6-Step System To Eliminate Tolerations
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      In Closing...

      Be clear that playing ostrich by hiding your head in the sand, is not an effective means of solving your problems. Heck, maybe you will get lucky sometimes and they’ll just disappear. However, it’s not likely going to be enough of a solution to help you level up your business.

      Many of my Clients have been using this simple 6-step system for eliminating tolerations in their lives and businesses for many years now and have benefited tremendously. Me too. I have used it effectively for for many years now.

      So please, adopt and adapt this system for you and your business and eliminate tolerations more efficiently and effectively immediately!

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