What can a child teach you about business? As part of my “Business Lessons From Children” series in this video I will share wisdom from children that we as adults can adopt and adapt into business.

Have you ever sat there and watched a child systematically going about getting what they want?  They are unstoppable. They don’t take no for an answer. the y look for every possible way to create an angel and get in and get what they want.

An action item for you real quick is to watch a child in the upcoming week and see how they go about and achieve what they want.  Now somewhere along the process of becoming adults we lose that pigheaded determination, that tenacity, that drive and purpose to get what we want.  Whatever that is either personally or professionally.  

Stepping into the month of December, at the time of this recording, we see a lot of businesses just stop.  A lot of business professionals just stop as if “oh it’s December, let me just go into snooze mode.” or “my clients aren’t going to buy anything in December.”  How do you know? Just because you are assuming that they’re not going to do business in December does that mean that you should just stop doing business too? Think about that.  Think about what I just said. We see this constantly where the month of December all of a sudden people just see to lose their tenacity for doing business.

Whatever it takes. That’s what a child would do.  Whatever it takes, get back out there. Figure out and make sure you are clear on exactly what it is you want to accomplish. You want to make another $20K, $30, $40, $50K in sales this month?  Whatever it is figure it out and then go after it with that childlike tenacity! Don’t take no for an answer. 

Are you approaching your business with pigheaded determination just like a child would?

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